Heart of Central India

Kanha is one of the biggest Protected Area in Central Indian landscape, Madhya Pradesh. Kanha is designated asNational Park and a Tiger Reserve. It is situated in Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. Today it covers an area of 940 km² in the two districts Mandla and Balaghat. Together with a surrounding buffer zone and core zone it covers 1949 km²Rudyard Kipling was inspired by the beauty of Kanha landscape, and wrote the world famous novel"Jungle Book" . With its’ elegance,Kanha also inspired the famous wildlife personality George Schaller to write a book like “Deer and Tiger.” 

Fauna: Kanha national park has species of tiger, leopards, wild dogs, wild cats, foxes and jackals. Among the deer species Swamp Deer or hard Ground barasingha is pride of the place because this subspecies is only can be seen here in Kanha. Other commonly detected ungulates in the park include the spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, nilgai and the four-horned antelope. The four-horned antelope can be seen at Bamni Dadar highlands. Recently, mouse deer was recorded from the tiger reserve. Hyena and sloth bear are seen but not very often. Hanuman Langurs and wild pigs are common, but the pugnacious rhesus macaque is seen less often.Nocturnal animals like fox, hyena, jungle cat, civets, porcupine, ratel or honey badger and hares can be seen near the park confines or to be said in the fringes. 

Flora: Kanha National Park harbors more than 1000 species of flowering plantsSal and other mixed forest trees, interspersed with meadows can be observed in the lowland areas. Tropical moist dry deciduous type and of a completely different nature with bamboo on slopes can be found in the highland areas. Indian ‘ghost tree’ can also be seen in the dense forest.


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Heart of Central India
Madhya Pradesh
3 days & 2 nights
Mandla and Balaghat districts


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Indian Tree Shrew (Anathana ellioti)
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