Common Worm Snake

Ramphotyphlops braminus


The snakes of this species are reddish brown or black in coloration. At first instant these snakes resembles earthworms. The tail is similar to the blunt head and have tiny spine on it. Care full observations for its scales and tongue are necessary to confirm its existence in snake world.

Length: 5in. maximum 9in.


Body scales are overlapping each other and appear more trapezoidal in shape with point of contactresides in under sider region. The tail is slightly longer as compared to its width. Body scalesare arranged in a row of 20. Ventral: Scales are same as other body scales. Sub Caudal: 8-15

Habitat & Reproduction:

These snakes used to live in ant hills and termite nests. The snakes of this species are also found in piles of leaves, rotten wood of wet forest land and even in dry areas and urban settlements. This species is oviparous and clutch of 5 to 8 self-fertilized eggs under litter of leaves or ant mounds.

Feeds on eggs and larvae of other small insects.


Its distributions is throughout India up to an elevation of 1000m above sea level. It is very common in Chhattisgarh, many a times people found these snakes in their houses too.



Loss of habitat and concretion of land leave very less space for these species to thrive. 

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Common Worm SnakeTyphlopidae Ramphotyphlops braminus

Common Worm Snake
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Ramphotyphlops braminus
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Other Worm Snake


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Indian Tree Shrew (Anathana ellioti)
Colour:         Grey/Brown Length    &n

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