Slender Coral Snake

Calliophis melanurus


Slender, thin bodied snake having smooth scales. Body shape is cylindrical. Neck is not prominent. Tail is short. Blunt head, nape shows black with whitish or yellowish spots. Visible portion of body is light brown, each scale speckled with brown. Tail is brown in color with two black rings. Underside body red but under the tail the coloration is bluish gray.

Length: 1ft to maximum 1.33 ft.


Scales in 13:13:13 rows. India: ventrals 249-277; subcaudals males 33-37, females 24-27. Shri Lanka: ventrals 229-257; subcaudals 27-37. Common characters: single preocular touches nasal; 2 postoculars; temporal 1+1, supralabials 6 (3rd and 4th touching eye, 5th and 6th touching temporal); anal scale divided; subcaudals paired.

Habitat and Reproduction

They are found in mixed deciduous forest. Slender coral snakes are oviparous and lay eggs in a clutch of 2-6 under piles of leaves, rotten wood.

Bite and Venom

This is a venomous species. When threatened, raise tail and coil it to draw attention and to alert. Their venom is neurotoxic though not very effective on bite. Itching and swelling can happen if bitten by the species.


This species is observed from peninsular India but except extreme Northwestern regions. Definite records were from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Also have records from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This species is first time recorded from Dhawalpur Range and Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve in Gariyaband district, Chhattisgarh..



Road kills and deforestation make this species vulnerable.

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Slender Coral SnakeElapidae Calliophis melanurus

Slender Coral Snake
Scientific Name
Calliophis melanurus
Patla Munga sanp
Venom Type
Look Like
Dumerilâs black headed snake


Bio-Diversity OF CG

Indian Tree Shrew (Anathana ellioti)
Colour:         Grey/Brown Length    &n

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