Dumerill's Black -headed Snake

Sibynophis subpunctatus


Slender bodied snake having smooth scales. Head is slightly broader than neck. Eyes have round pupil. Tail long and gradually tapered towards tip without black rings. Body and tail are brown in color with a series of tiny black dots that run along the mid back. Sides of body often gray, separated from brown back, by a dark line or dark spots. Head black with white or pale yellow marks. Neck often has white collar. Underside greenish-yellow. Belly scales are often with black spots on each side. As the name suggests the species can be easily identified by black head and white cross band differentiates its head from remaining body.

Length: 1ft to maximum 1.5 ft.


Scales in 17:17:17 rows. Ventrals: 151-200, 172-215 anal scale divided; subcaudals: males 60- 76, female 54-63, paired. Supralabials 9 (4th to 6th touching eye), rarely 8 (3rd to 5th touching eye); preocular 1; postoculars 2; anterior temporal 2; parietal touches both postoculars. Maxillary teeth 42-48.

Habitat and Reproduction

They are found under stones and logs. Lives in leaf litter; preys on geckos, skinks and smaller snakes. The species is nocturnal and oviparous. Females lay a clutch of 2-5 eggs.


Peninsular India: South of Rajasthan and south of the Ganges valley. Also have records from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.The species is recently discovered from regions of Raipur district and Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve in Gariyaband district.



Habitat loss and road killing make this species vulnerable.

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Dumerilâs Black -headed SnakeColubridae Sibynophis subpunctatus

Dumerill's Black -headed Snake
Scientific Name
Sibynophis subpunctatus
Samanya Satak
Venom Type
Look Like
Slender coral snake


Bio-Diversity OF CG

Indian Tree Shrew (Anathana ellioti)
Colour:         Grey/Brown Length    &n

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