Requirement of Field Biologist

Enthusiast guys from M. Sc. background in Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Zoology, Biology, Wildlife Sciences with or without experience were invited to join us at Phase IV Monitoring at Bhoramdeo WLS.

While working on the field, the officer (he/she) would have to be abide by scientific and technical plan and should be duly responsible for implication of project goals. He/ She will be expected to fulfill all administrative and financial requirements of the work assigned to him.

Expectations from officer

Ø  M. Sc. background in Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Zoology, Biology, Wildlife Sciences

Ø  Familiar with conducting scientific studies and conservation.

Ø  He/ She should be comfortable with both English and Hindi. People knowing Chhattisgarhi were prioritized.

Ø  He should be skilled in MS Office (Word/ Excel) and knowledge of GPS/ GIS were prioritized.

Ø  He should be flexible in work area with lack of basic amenities while working in the surveys.


Ø  Assisting forest department field staff in transect and trail surveys.

Ø  Deploying camera traps according to work plan and in a given time duration.

Ø  Compiling and managing data collected from field and should prepare weekly, monthly reports based on such data.

Ø  Apart from conducting studies, he should actively participate in awareness programs conducted in the sanctuary.

Ø  Assisting project head in activities related to the project.

Ø  Acting as a representative of Nova Nature Welfare Society (NNWS) and should maintain all assets of society and Forest department at base camp.


Young and Dynamic minds were welcomed in these conservation efforts.

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