New Reptile Species found in Chhattisgarh

During a survey conducted in Bhoramdeo WLS, team from NNWS has found a species of reptile which was new to the region. Specimens were collected and brought to base camp for further study. The species was known to be “Eublepharis Satpuraensis” recently comes into light when it was first found by a group of researchers at various places from Satpura region of Madhya Pradesh in 2014. Team has took the measurements of samples found in Chhattisgarh and after comparison with the previously found, it was declared as “Eublepharis Satpuraensis” same species but new to the region. After rigorous searching of the region and recapturing of few more species with same resemblance, the distribution of Satpuraensis was reported and confirmed throughout the Maikal hills of Chhattisgarh.

About the reptile:

          The gecko was a strict nocturnal creature with vibrant coloration. They are non-venomous and very shy in nature. All the specimens were collected in dusk and after sampling all of them were released live to their respective places of capture. Another species of same family was recorded previously by NNWS and was detailed in “Reptiles of Chhattisgarh” book on reptiles published recently by Chhattisgarh Forest Department. State has rich reptilian diversity with discovery of new and rare species add up to this list.

Its importance:


          Chhattisgarh have some of the last remaining woods that offers habitat to some of the rare and magnificent members of reptile family. Rich biodiversity helps in maintaining eco system which in turns effects numerous lives depending on this biodiversity. Studies were required to be done so as to conserve and preserve these forest lands for coming future generations. 

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