Students from Parthivi College of Engg & Mgmt organized an Eco-Camp

It's always be amazing to go for picnic deep into woods. But many times people use to enjoy these places at the same time they degrade its beauty by dumping remains of food and parcels brought with them.

We at Nova Nature Welfare Society try to diminish this by organizing eco green camps where people not only enjoy the beauty of nature but on same node they also learn to maintain the beauty for next generation

This time students from Parthivi College of Engineering & Management, Bhilai NSS cell have organized such nature camp, where students have done activities like tacking, awareness programs and clean camping. All the waste have been took by  students outside the picnic spot and burnt. Team coordinators from NNWS Mr. M Suraj along with Mr. Irfaan helped the students throughout the camp as well as they shared their views about the importance of nature in our life and what is the need of  coservation in present scenario. Due to continuous human activities nature has disturbed as this is the reason why in past decade we have observed some of the devastating natural calamities. We cannot replicate what nature have provided with artificial means. Students not only enjoyed the trip but give their word to help us, assist us in preserving and conserving of nature.

           If every student understands that the nature is their responsiblility then it creates great help in conservation of our environment and its inhabitants. 


Bio-Diversity OF CG

Indian Tree Shrew (Anathana ellioti)
Colour:         Grey/Brown Length    &n

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Python reticulates can grow over 8.7 m (28 ft) in length and are considered the longest snakes in the world.